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Andy's Shop

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1Andy's Shop Empty Andy's Shop on Sat May 02, 2015 11:30 pm

What's up guys! If you're interested in trying a new deck or just want a good build, look no further! I've put a lot of thought and time into these decks and they work very well for me. I'll put them in order of strength to make it easier on you guys.

NOTE : These decklists DO NOT have side decks because the game is constantly changing and side decks are constantly changing as a result. HOWEVER, with every purchase I will send you a list of cards that could work with your purchased deck that will combat each specific deck in the metagame at the moment of purchase.

Yosenjus(pendulum variant) : My personal deck of choice for competition. It got me to 1300 rating in singles on DN so its a solid deck. -- 100 DP

Ritual Beasts : One of the most skill-oriented decks in the game today. It's hard to play and leads to many misplays during the learning process, but if you invest time into truly understanding the deck, it can be extremely deadly. -- 75 DP

Volcanic : Solid deck, amazing anti-meta deck. It's also budget friendly so if you're looking for a cheap deck IRL, this is your deck, especially considering you don't really need an extra deck for this one. -- 50 DP

Noble Knights : This was my favorite deck for the longest time. I personally used this deck to get to 1100 rating 2 formats ago and I still love the deck to pieces and it's very competitive if used correctly. -- 50 DP

Batteryman : Very explosive OTK decks. Games are usually decided fairly early with this deck so if you don't like long, dragged out duels, this is the deck for you. -- 50 DP

Yang Zing : Best synchro deck in the game, and a very fun deck at that. And it's only going to get stronger with Chaofeng coming in the game. -- 40 DP

Baby Raccoons : Very fun, very cheap, very underated. 'Nuff said. -- 40 DP

Gungnir-Unicore Control(Budget Nekroz) - My take on making a budget Nekroz deck. Still a great deck and semi-competitive. Deck is extremely cheap with Brionac out of the picture. -- 40 DP

Pure Artifacts : Very fun deck that can still be fairly explosive even though many consider this deck "dead." Solid tier 3 deck for casual and semi-competitive play -- 25 DP

Infernoid(Lightsworn engine) : Very fun casual deck. It'll be getting a lot more support in the coming sets but as of now, its a little too inconsistent to be competitive but it's still a great deck for casual and semi-competitive play. -- 25 DP

OCG DECKS(these will be cheaper since they haven't been released in TCG)

Igknight(synchro variant) : New pendulum deck that's very explosive and can potentially take on the meta. -- 25 DP

Aroma(synchro variant) : It's a fun deck but not that competitive at this point. Still, playing with a mechanic the game's never really seen before(gaining effects from gaining life points) is very interesting. -- 20 DP


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